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Was Okumura's palace hard for you guys DISCUSSION So I just beat this palace but learnt before majority of persona fans find this palace hard but to my surprise I found really easy, is it just exaggeration maybe it's because I played too many jrpg before this why I'm used to the puzzleOct 30, 2018 · Fifth Palace. Okumura's Palace: (First Visit) Not much to do on the first visit as usual. No enemies at all, but there are a couple treasures you can grab. Okumura's Palace: (Second Visit) Locked Chests: 3. Note: Emerald treasures have a chance to spawn this palace's Treasure Demon. Secure the infiltration route.

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Okumura's Palace's problem has never been the Palace itself nor the the boss fight really, it's the whole arc and its poor writing during this in-game period which is still arguably the worst part of the story, even in Royal. But from a pure dungeon perspective, it's actually a very good one, it's that the others are even better.Neither was Okumura's. But at least Okumura's palace felt like it wasn't reusing the same gameplay over and over and over and over and over again. Is that what getting the keycards is? yes. That part sucked too. But at least that's just a part of the palace- the majority of Shido's (so far) is just figuring out how to progress between tons of ...The green Will Seed in Okumura's palace is in the Export Line area. Starting from the saferoom at the southernmost part of the map, leave and go right down the hall, past the giant opening to the platforms, and go into the door at the end of the hall. Once on this far platform, run toward the end of it and cross a mechanical arm about two ...Whether you need help with battles, bosses, or anything in between, as part of our Persona 5 Royal walkthrough, we've got all the details you'll need to get through Kaneshiro's Palace in P5R. For this guide, we'll be focusing exclusively on the dungeon itself and not the goings-on outside the Metaverse. Our Persona 5 Royal Kaneshiro ...I was actually talking about this with a co-worker recently. And we both actually agreed that Okumura was the best Palace. A roadblock boss, but the palace itself is actually my favorite one in the game. Honestly, if we're talking vanilla, the final palace (and I consider the run to the final boss part of that), is actually the worst one.Okumura's Palace was the only one that the Phantom Thieves initially didn't want to infiltrate, so it makes sense that it wouldn't be a place connected to thieves. They didn't want to do Futaba's either and it's still a lot better than Okumura's. Imo it's the worse palace and the worse arc in the game.Persona 5 Royal: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4kahSgkPUUrDyExRrUGw_U5Z0Fl2fH_nKasumi Romance: https://youtu.be/4Zw2vsl0YtwMakoto Romance: https://...2- Respwan enemies in Okumura's Palace. Which is the more reliable method? CarsAndGuitarsx 3 years ago #2. There is a chest that gives 1 liquid mercury at Okumura's palace, too, if I recall correctly. Otherwise, you will have to farm them from the Anubis shadow in Mementos. They are the tough, red glowing monsters found in floors 10 and 11 of ...This Palace's interesting space theme and important message about overworked employees should make it interesting to explore. However, it crosses the line from challenging into annoying more than once. The puzzle where you have to switch airlocks on and off to get through the labyrinth has been annoying since Persona 5, but …In Vanilla, this is the longest palace in the game. In Royal, this mention gets taken by the third semester's palace. If you thought Okumura's palace was long, be prepared for something even longer. Too long. I beat it in roughly 3 or 3 1/2 hours or something.Didn't notice anyone post about it yet I think, but not sure if it might just be me remembering wrong, but I accidentally ran into a shadow in the 4th palace and instant killed it. I thought it was Mementos only but guess not. Even if it was though, it definitely didn't look this cool. Props to Atlus for making Ryuji's instant kill perfect now.Persona 5 Royal (c) Atlus. 1080p. Hard mode. 1080p, 60fps. 100% compendium and quests, all confidants completed, walkthrough with commentary. Played on PC an...September 21st: Wednesday Okumura's Palace Boss Walkthrough of Persona 5 on the PlayStation 4 Pro.Complete walkthrough: https://goo.gl/iYZUrqGenre(s): Role-p...Im stuck in Okumura's Palace, how do I fix this? Looking cool, Joker! You never seen it...coming? I've no clue honestly. The puzzles are not th... oh wait! I'd try committing sepuku. 71 votes, 14 comments. 437K subscribers in the Persona5 community. Subreddit Community for Persona 5 and other P5/Persona products!Table of contents. The Thieves Den, also known as the "My Palace" feature, is an all-new collectible hub introduced in Persona 5 Royal. Here you can look at all the game's art, listen to all the music, rewatch any of the story movies at any time, play a card game, and even keep track of a whole host of new achievements. Also, Jose is here!Sep 17, 2020 ... Part Twelve of my 100% complete plathrough for Persona 5 Royal. In this episode, we complete Okumura's Palace and hangout with Confidants ...October 8th (Okumura's Palace) November 16th (Niijima's Palace) December 16th (Shido's Palace) February 1st (Maruki's Palace, specifically the Mementos visit that allows the Thieves reaccess into the Palace) Furthermore, after securing a route, all party member Confidants become unavailable until after defeating the boss encounter(s). The only ...It's finally time for us to take on one of the best in class for its genre, as we witness the story of the Phantom Thieves in a "Blind" commentated Let's Pla...Futuba's palace also was short on puzzle types, but the puzzles themselves were more interesting, and the palace was paced better. You transitioned seamlessly from area to area and puzzle to puzzle, unlike Okumura's palace, which just has what it is in effect three very, very long puzzles.Arcana Confidant Relationships Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsAjV_cgGiHcT7kN8OsN9tzoDFdS0xe6uTest Answers Playlist - https://www.youtube...List of Palace Guides and Metaverse Dungeons. Below is a list of dungeon guides for the each cognitive palace in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. Click on a link to go to its respective dungeon guide page. Each palace has a specific theme and set of mechanics. When fighting their bosses, make sure you come in prepared and have proper items ...Song: SweatshopArtist: Shoji MeguroAlbum: Persona 5 Original SoundtrackTrack: 05 (from 3rd disc)Year: 20171 hour version of the song Sweatshop by Shoji Megur...This is a video walkthrough to solve the transfer line puzz436K subscribers in the Persona5 community. S It can be done in a single day, but it is a very long sitting to slog through the palace. The way the palace is set up caused me to spend several hours working my way through the palace. I had 3 characters with SP3s and only use Morgana to heal up, plus a bunch of coffee and health items. It was still a long slog and I was tapped out by the end ... Boards. Persona 5 Royal. They actually made the worst palace Just Survived Okumura's Palace. I've been a fan of the Persona series for a very long time but never played one for myself. I always watched my friend play the games whenever I would come over. I did great up to this point in the story but fighting Okumura left me feeling bullied. I died 4 times, ran out of time once, and contemplated if Igor ... Subreddit Community for Persona 5 and other P5/Perso

Just started okumura's palace for the first time. SPOILERS I am concerned that Akechi is stuck in there and i FUCKING GUESSED exactly why Haru can open that damn door. I was actually shouting at how dunce the crew was during the scene with the yearbooks, where they were struggling to find the ONLY girl in school with BIG, BRIGHT FLUFFY ...Okumura Palace is the fifth dungeon of the game. There is a huge difficulty spike in this dungeon and players will need to take advantage of the game mechanics to survive. It is highly recommended ...Okumura's Palace isn't necessarily bad, but somewhat anti-climactic. 8 Prison Of Sloth/Qliphoth World (Palace 8) Isn't Really A Palace Mementos is the center of the Metaverse and a Palace for all of humanity's hearts. Throughout the rest of the game, it's a place for defeating mini-bosses, collecting treasure, and grinding to raise the team's ...First Will Seed. Once you've been to Mementos to clear the first roadblock, the next area of the Palace will lead to a room with multiple exits. Head for the one on the left that leads up some ...

Please be courteous and mark any and all spoilers. Persona 5 is a role-playing game by ATLUS in which players live out a year in the life of a high school boy who gains the ability to summon facets of his psyche, known as Personas. Okumura's palace be like. i very much hated the okurmara place due to the layout and its puzzle but i like the ...Nov 23, 2023 · Okumura's Spaceport is far from most players' favorite palace in Persona 5 Royal, due in large part to how complicated and unforgiving it can be if you're under-prepared, but Haru Okumura joining the team gives access to your final type of magic - Psio. Persona 5 Royal is a relatively easy game, with the changes to the battle system and gameplay largely reducing Persona 5’s challenge rather than adding to it (as discussed further in my full review).. This is ……

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Yes, this palace is infamous because of how damage spongey the e. Possible cause: What's up with Okumura's Palace? AquamanOS 5 years ago #31. Kaneshiro is Glutto.

Haru Okumura is a playable character from Persona 5. She is a wealthy girl who attends Shujin Academy, and lives a double life as a Phantom Thief. She is the only daughter of Kunikazu Okumura, the Thieves' fifth major target. Her life controlled by her father, Haru would look away from the truth of both her own desires and her father's intentions, substituting for vague notions and superficial ...Just because a game is great doesn't mean every aspect is perfect. Join Oziach in a way-too-long video essay as he discusses the biggest flaw in Persona 5 in...I guess I'm on to the best Palace in the game now, huh? Everyone seems to agree that Palace 6 is the best, so it will be nice to have a more enjoyable Palace to look forward to next, even if the one afterwards is arguably the worst next to Akumura's Palace. Best palace owner, best music, best story point in the game, best music, best everything.

2nd Turn: Member 2 uses the other from Member 1. 3rd Turn: Member 3 attacks the weakness of 1 enemy. Otherwise, use an. elemental bomb to hit weaknesses. MAKE SURE TO ONLY TARGET 1 ENEMY. 4th Turn: Member 3 Baton Passes to a member that isn't Joker. This member attacks the weakness of 1 enemy that is not Downed. May 20, 2020 ... In this video I give a rundown on the Okumura boss fight, provide tips to make it easier, and showcase my Persona setup to trivialize the ...target the enemies one by one with solo spells exploiting their common weaknesses, and then baton pass to the player who can cast a target-all spell exploiting the weaknesses. be sure to debuff whichever robot Okumura casts the defense buff on — otherwise, your target-all spell might kill three robots but leave the fourth robot standing to run away and thus reset the whole phase.

This palace is gonna rely on magic very heavily, My palace music rankings are as follows: Gentle Madman (Maruki's Palace) 2. When Mother Was There (Futaba's Palace) 3. ... King, Queen, and Slave (Kamoshida's Palace) 8. Sweatshop (Okumura's Palace) 9. The Whims of Fate (Sae's Palace) [Only this low because I can't stand vocals in looping video game music] Okumura’s Palace isn’t as bad as Futaba’s. Watch out for red-coloured enemies such as the elephants that reflect physical and gun attacks. The issue is that they can cast “rage”, which forces your main character to physically attack them, and if your character is too strong, they will kill themself from doing so, resulting in an SMT ... Full playlist of Persona 5 Royal playthrough:https://www.yOct 25, 2022 ... Okumura's Calling Card - Persona 5 Royal - Gam Okumura's Palace - Morgana, Makoto, and Haru. Okumura's palace is considered by many to be the worst palace in the game and a lot of that has to do with how unforgiving it can be, especially against the enemies. Just about all of the Phantom Thieves will struggle but the best set up for this palace would be Morgana, Makoto, and Haru. The game tells you that on your second visit to a Safe Room in Oct 30, 2018 · Fifth Palace. Okumura's Palace: (First Visit) Not much to do on the first visit as usual. No enemies at all, but there are a couple treasures you can grab. Okumura's Palace: (Second Visit) Locked Chests: 3. Note: Emerald treasures have a chance to spawn this palace's Treasure Demon. Secure the infiltration route. Okumura's palace is mostly straightforward, but there's one point where if you just blindly press the switch in front of you, you'll be stuck in circles until you found the dud switch lol. I got stuck in my second playthrough where I didn't really pay attention, but my first run was a super breeze. Okumuras palace . Hello everyone, I'm currently on the OkuPublished Mar 30, 2023. Learn where to fiPersona 5. Corporobos are cognitions that appear For the Aluminum Sheets, take down Anzu and Ganesha in Futaba's Palace and Okumura's Spaceport respectively. For Liquid Mercury , kill Anubis in Futaba's Palace and Decarabia in Okumura's Palace. Unless you're seriously underleveled There is a difficulty difference with Okumura's Palace between vanilla and royal. The palace isn't that hard at all in vanilla, but the final boss portion of it in royal is different and significantly harder for a lot of people. 4. Reply. The boss of Okumura's palace requires you to understand and tak[Jan 31, 2021 · Okumura's Palace has quite a few sList of Palace Guides and Metaverse Dungeons. Be Okumura’s Palace isn’t as bad as Futaba’s. Watch out for red-coloured enemies such as the elephants that reflect physical and gun attacks. The issue is that they can cast “rage”, which forces your main character to physically attack them, and if your character is too strong, they will kill themself from doing so, resulting in an SMT ...